Water and Sanitary Sewer Easement Information

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Easements and Deeded Property


Appurtenances of water distribution systems and sanitary sewer systems, to be owned by the HCWA, are often located within streets and right-of-ways.  Water distribution system and sanitary system appurtenances to be owned by the HCWA shall be situated within an easement to be granted to the HCWA when a public street right-of-way is not available.  An easement shall not encroach into a structure's foundation.

On-Site Easement

"On-site" easements are those easements falling within the boundaries of the current phase of the development that are shown on the plat and are recorded through the process of recording the Deed of Conveyance and final plat.

Developer shall grant to the HCWA, the exclusive right to construct, reconstruct, operate, maintain, repair, replace, improve, alter, remove, relocate, and inspect water distribution systems and/or sanitary sewer systems that are situated over, across and under the land wherein the water distribution systems and/or sanitary sewer systems lie on the Developer's property.

Off-Site Easement

"Off-site" easements are those easements falling outside the boundaries of the current phase of the development and must be provided and recorded by the Developer on an HCWA easement document for each property owner. Plans must be submitted and approved along with an easement plat before the Developer obtains an easement from a property owner.

Easements through property owned by the developer, including water and sewer lines that will be included in later phases of the same project, must be treated as routine off-site easements.

Off-site easements shall be negotiated and acquired by the Developer with the property owner.

Construction of the off-site water distribution systems and/or sanitary sewer systems shall not begin until all off-site easements for system completion are approved, acquired, recorded, and received by HCWA.

Easement Width

The minimum width of a permanent on-site/off-site easement associated with water distribution system appurtenances shall be 10 feet. Sanitary sewer system appurtenances shall be 20 feet. Easement width or size may be increased or decreased at the discretion of the HCWA Engineer.  

Easement Sheet Submittal Guidelines

Easements are accepted in sizes 8.5x11 and 8.5x14. 

The file size has to be less than 20MB, black and white, and 300DPI.  These are the requirements in digital form.  This ensures when recorded at the courthouse, it is the best quality we can obtain. The physical size of the document does not matter; however, it must be able to be reduced to these settings and still be legible.


If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the Engineering Division at 770-914-3688 between the hours of 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.