Backflow Prevention

What Is Backflow?

Water systems are designed to flow in one direction.  However, a drop in pressure or a break in a water line can send water flowing in the opposite direction - drawing contaminants and other chemicals into our water system.  This reversal of flow is called backflow, or back-siphoning.  Backflow into our public water system can pollute or contaminate the potable (drinking) water making the water unsafe to drink.  The Henry County Water Authority has a responsibility to provide safe drinking water under all foreseeable circumstances. 

What Is A Cross Connection?

Each customer connection to our public water system represents a potential cross connection and must be protected in order to prevent backflow into our public system.  Installation and maintenance of appropriate backflow prevention devices prevent contamination via cross-connection. 

Our Cross Connection Control Program:

Our Water Loss Department administers our backflow prevention program in accordance with our Cross Connection Control Program Manual. 

Customer is responsible for having their backflow device(s) installed according to our specifications and tested by an approved tester.  HCWA does not install or test commercial backflow devices.

Backflow Prevention/Thermal Expansion Requirements:

Devices can be found at most hardware stores. They are made by a variety of manufacturers, including:

For additional information on backflow prevention and thermal expansion, please refer to the following documents:


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